Doorknob Blessings Card Holders

A keepsake in the making, a new, unique and practical way to save the cards, notes and special mementos you receive by adding them to your Doorknob Blessings Card Holder by punching a hole in the card and stringing them on to the metal ring attached.

Count your Blessings. Doorknob Blessings are a wonderful and inspriational way to display your favorite cards, letters, Bible verses, notes, etc. You will be inspired everytime you look at it. Hang the ring on a door knob or on the stairway post.

How the Doorknob Blessings work:

With your card closed, punch a hole in the upper left corner. String your card on to the Ring Holder. Place the metal ring holder on a doorknob or stairway post and continue to add to your Blessings. Blessing memories will abound when you keep your cards for Baby Showers, Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Christenings, and special occasions all in one place.

The Doorknob Blessing We all have abundant blessings in our lives to be thankful for. A blessing is not only speaking well seasoned, good words but also putting an action with those words of encouragement and praise. And so to you I give this doorknob blessing. Each time someone encourages you in a word or action, place it on your ring. It may be a card, a letter from someone special, a token of a fond memory, or a cherished Bible verse. Soon it will become uniquely yours as you fill it with your own, as you fill it with those dear remembrances that have blessed your life. As you count your blessing make your doorknob or stairway post its home so in your going out and coming in you are reminded that you are blessed ... and you have been a blessing to others.