Ganz Ornaments

Ganz Ornaments that feature Blessing Birds, Butterflies, Angels, and Loving Thoughts, have engraved inspirational sayings make them wonderful gifts for everyone on your gift list. They can also be used as car charms. Stock up on these beautiful ornaments to have on hand when a special occasion comes up. Charm your family and friends with these beautiful inspirational ornaments.

These ornaments with positive thoughts make the perfect hostess gifts or just to let someone know you are thinking about them.

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Ganz 3 Angels Ornaments - Faith, Peace, Love
Style: EA17376
Ganz Ornaments - A Mom is a guardian angel on earth
Style: ER27192
Ganz Angel Ornament - Teachers Give Us Wings
Style: ER39352
Ganz Angel Ornaments - Happiness is having a Friend like you
Ganz Blessing Birds Ornament - Enjoy the journey
Style: EA13215
Ganz Ornaments - Have Faith
Style: ER25876
Ganz Blessing Birds Ornament - Mothers give us wings to fly
Style: EA13192
Ganz Blessing Birds Ornament - Reach High for Every Dream
Style: EA13211
Ganz Loving Thought Ornaments - True Friends are a blessing
Style: ER39979
Ganz Loving Thought Ornaments - Friends bring sunshine
Style: ER39972
Ganz Loving Thought Ornaments - Live, Love, Laugh
Style: ER39977
Ganz 3D Ornaments - Angels watch over us
Style: ER40392
Ganz 3D Ornaments - Faith makes all things possible
Style: ER40395
Ganz 3D Ornaments - Friends bring sunshine to each day
Style: ER40396
Ganz 3D Ornaments - Friends like you are precious and few
Style: ER40397
Ganz 3D Ornaments - Mom your love is a blessing
Style: ER40381
Ganz Angel Ornaments - Blessed to have a Friend like you
Style: ER59288
Ganz Angel Ornaments - Blessed to have a Mom like you
Style: ER59281
Ganz Dragonfly Ornaments - Live Your Dreams
Style: EA17511
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Reach high for EVERY dream
Style: EA13542
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Prayers go up
Style: EA13541
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Believe all things
Style: EA13537
Ganz 3D Butterfly Ornament -  Live your dreams
Style: EA15945
Ganz Star Ornaments - You are my sunshine
Style: ER31729
Ganz Star Ornaments - An Angel watches over you
Style: ER31711
Ganz Star Ornaments - Love you more
Style: ER31724
A Magic Key for Santa Claus Ornament
Style: EX3120
Coming in May