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Ornaments by Ganz, Midwest-CBK

Stock up on these beautiful ornaments by Ornaments from Ganz and Midwest-CBK to have on hand when a special occasion comes up. These ornaments are perfect for hostess gifts, graduation, Christmas gifts, or just to let someone know you are thinking about them.

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Ganz Ornaments - Key to a Happy Marriage
Item: ER15311
Ganz Ornaments - Angel of Love - Love the life you live, and you will live a life full of love
Item: ER61094
Ganz 3 Angels Ornaments - Faith, Peace, Love
Item: EA17376
Ganz Angel Ornament - Teachers Give Us Wings
Item: ER39352
Ganz Angel Ornament - Bless your heart for the happiness you've put into mine
Style: ER73923
Ganz Ornaments - A Mom is a guardian angel on earth
Item: ER27192
Ganz Bird Ornaments - Thankful, Grateful, Blessed
Item: ER65026
Ganz Butterfly Ornament - Your Friendship brightens my day
Item: ER73702
Ganz Butterfly Ornament - A simple life is a beautiful life
Item: ER73716
Ganz Celtic Blessing Ornaments - Good Luck and Good Health Always
Item: ER60960-C
Ganz Celtic Blessing Ornaments - God Bless You
Item: ER60960-D
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Prayers go up
Item: EA13541
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Reach high for EVERY dream
Item: EA13542
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Think HAPPY.  BE Happy
Item: EA13547
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Believe all things
Item: EA13537

Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Wish It. Dream It. DO It
Item: EA13553
Ganz Blissful Journey Butterfly Ornament - Follow your Dreams
Item: EA13548
Ganz "A Magic Key for Santa" Ornament
Item: EX3120
Ganz Ornaments -  Cardinals Appear When Angels are Near
Item: EX30764
Ganz Ornaments - Merry Christmas
Item: EX36289
Ganz Christmas Ornament - Merry Christmas
Ganz Ornaments - Blessings of peace and Joy
Item: EX37739
Ganz Ornaments - It's the most wonderful time of the year
Item: EX37746
Ganz Ornaments - All hearts come home for Christmas
Item: EX37752
Ganz Cardinal Ornament - A Cardinal appears when Angels are near
Item: EX25461
Ganz Cardinal Ornament - Warm Winter Wishes
Item: EX25469
Ganz Cardinal Ornament - Thinking of you at Christmas
Item: EX25470
Ganz Cardinal Ornaments -  Peace Love Joy
Item: EX25474
Ganz Christmas Angel Ornament - Wishing you a season filled with joy
Item: EX33072
Ganz Reindeer Ornaments - Merry Everything and a Happy Always
Item: EX35285


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