Mud Pie Gifts

Mud Pie
Mud Pie has been creating affordable, high quality gifts since 1988. Mud Pie creates unique gifts for moms, grandmothers, family and friends. If you are looking for a special hostess gift look no further than these adorable Christmas towels and Cake Servers from Mud Pie. Everyone loves receiving these special gifts.

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Mud Pie Magical Elf Door
Mud Pie Holiday Labrador Retriever Hooked Pillow
Item: 4163019L
Mud Pie Holiday Dachshund Hooked Pillow
Style: 4163019D
Mud Pie Holiday Poodle Hooked Pillow
Style: 4163019P
Mud Pie Holiday Beagle Dog Hooked Pillow
Item: 4163019B
Mud Pie Holiday Springer Spaniel Dog Hooked Pillow
Item: 4163019S
Mud Pie Cheers Ice Scoop
Item: 4861008
Mud Pie Sea Life Ice Scoops - Turtle
Style: 4331013T
Mud Pie Deer Mini Double Dip Cup
Style: 4174004
Mud Pie Deer Cracker Dish
Style: 4101018
Mud Pie Acorn Cutting Board and Dip Set
Style: 4751047
Mud Pie Acorn Cheese Spreader
Item: 4031013
Mud Pie Pineapple Metal Dip Bowl and Spreader Set
Item: 4855042
Mud Pie Pineapple Shaped Marble and Wood Spoon Rest
Mud Pie Knot & Beau Tidbit Trays 3-Piece Set
Style: 4854036
Mud Pie Knot & Beau Dip Bowl Set
Style: 4854009
Mud Pie Turtle Mini Dip Set of 3 Terracotta Servers
Item: 107384
Mud Pie Circa Mini Loaf Pan Set - "Made with Love"
Style: 4801009M
Mud Pie Circa Mini Loaf Pan Set - "Homemade"
Style: 4801009H
Mud Pie Circa Mini Loaf Pan Set - "Family Recipe"
Style: 4801009
Mud Pie Server - I'm Just Here for Dessert
Style: 4211001
Mud Pie Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper
Style: 4265078
Mud Pie Wood/Metal Sea Turtle Spreader
Item: 4031012
Mud Pie Sealife Mini Cheese Spreaders - Fish
Item: 108103F
Mud Pie Sealife Mini Cheese Spreaders - Seahorse
Item: 108103SH
Mud Pie Sealife Mini Cheese Spreaders - Starfish
Item: 108103SF
Mud Pie Sea Life Ice Scoops - Nautilus Shell
Style: 4331013S
Mud Pie Sea Life Ice Scoops - Seahorse
Style: 4331013H
Mud Pie Fleur De Lis Ice Scoop
Style: 4334001
Mud Pie Beaded Tassel Necklace - Navy
Style: 8603168N
Mud Pie Burlap Rooster Linen Towels
Style: 4404097
Mud Pie Birthday Candles Linen Towels - Make a Wish
Style: 119073P
Mud Pie Birthday Cake Linen Towels
Style: 119073G
Mud Pie Sandcastle By The Sea Linen Towels
Style: 4404089
Mud Pie Santa, Reindeer, Snowman Linen Tea Towels - Set of 3
Style: 400L002R
Mud Pie Reindeer Linen Tea Towels
Style: 440L002B
Mud Pie Christmas Tea Towels - Santa Sleigh
Style: 4404208
Mud Pie Christmas Tea Towels - Joy
Style: 4405023J
Mud Pie Witch and Cat Halloween Tea Towels Set
Style: 440M002
Mud Pie Witch and Ghost Halloween Dangle Leg Towels Set
Style: 4405206
Mud Pie Orange White Pumpkin Sequin Pillows
Style: 4164056O
Mud Pie Halloween Witch Switch Tea Towels
Item: 4405176
Mud Pie Pumpkin and Witch Halloween Towels Set
Item: 4405161
Mud Pie Halloween BOO Sequin Pillows
Style: 4164001B
Mud Pie Halloween Spooky Sequin Pillows
Style: 4164001S
Mud Pie Halloween Witch Hat Sequin Pillows
Style: 4164001W
Mud Pie Acorn Mango Wood and Metal Serving Tray
Style: 475B008