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DEMDACO Baby and Kids

The DEMDACO Baby and Kids product line features luxurious blankets, plush animals and adorable toys for infants, babies and toddlers and children of all ages. DEMDACO line has teamed with wonderful designers such as The Nancy Tillman Collection, Nat & Jules, and Kathy Ireland Worldwide to bring wonderful products to consumers. We are proud to be an Authorized DEMDACO Retailer of these great products.

DEMDACO Sparkle the Unicorn Plush 15"
Item: 5004700968
DEMDACO Baby Sparkle the Unicorn Rattle 7.5"
Item: 5004700970
DEMDACO Baby Sparkle Unicorn Blankie Lovey 9"
Item: 5004700964
DEMDACO Baby Big Waves Mermaid PrincessBlankie 16"
Item: 5004700981
Nat & Jules Baby Brindy Bunny Little Princess Lovey Blankie
Item: 5004700422
Nat & Jules Princess Spoon & Fork Keepsake Baby Gift Set
Item: 5004700431
Kathy Ireland Plush Bear & Baby Blanket Set - Taupe
Item: 5004770001
Nat & Jules Elyssa Elephant Baby Lovey Blankie - Pink
Item: 5004700232
Nat & Jules My First Doll Blankie - Blonde from DEMDACO Baby
Item: 5004700321
DEMDACO Baby My First Doll - Blonde
Item: 5004700319
DEMDACO Baby My First Doll - Brunette
Item: 5004700320
Nat & Jules Pink Bear Puppet Baby Blanket Blankie
Item: N00002
Nat & Jules Blue Bear Puppet Baby Blanket Blankie
Item: N00006
Nat & Jules Sadie Giraffe Rattle Baby Blankie
Item: N00500
Nat & Jules Colby Giraffe Rattle Baby Blankie
Item: N00501
DEMDACO Baby Harlow Hippo Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700210
DEMDACO Baby Moozer Cow Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700209
DEMDACO Baby Daddles Duck Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700213
DEMDACO Baby Damien Dog Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700207
DEMDACO Baby Arnie Alligator Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700215
DEMDACO Baby Ellery Elephant Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700211
DEMDACO Baby Elephant Blankie Cozy 12"
Item: 5004700565
DEMDACO Baby Palmer Panda Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700515
DEMDACO Baby Darcy Dinosaur Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700517
DEMDACO Baby Fitzgerald Fox Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700622
DEMDACO Baby Wendy Unicorn Rattle Cozy Blankie
Item: 5004700516